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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Harimau Malaya

too bad Malaysia can't afford to win over Singapore tonight..

 we just need two goals!! so unlucky.. we can easily win tonight's match since we had a lot of chance to score but we simply waste it.. what a shame.. 
Malaysia still need a lot of practice especially in "defensive".. 
but to all the singaporean, without imported player you are nothing!!

  To Safee Sali n Khairul Fahmi (apek).. wa respect sama lu, tabik spring wa kasi.. malaysia's best player ever.. they should let apek play in singapore last time rather then Sharbinee.. tkdela smpai 5 biji bolos.. however, good job malaysia!! wlaupun kalah tp kte mnang sorak kt stadium.. haha.. there are always next time guys..
but next time make sure kita siat2 kan kulit singa tua..= P

 love u Harimau Malaya..
 n we still have Harimau Muda for olympic (under 21)
GO for it!!

*btw, congras sngapore, 
let see sjauh mne korang boleh pegi dgn player import korang tu..

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