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Thursday, June 30, 2011


its been a while since i didn't update my blog.. 
but the truth is, i'm not the type of "kaki blogger" boy..
so, spend my time on writing stories on blog? just not me.
once awhile okay la..

btw, just to share something.. i just started my thesis.. on :
"Bahan bukti digital : Satu kajian dari sudut fiqh jenayah"
( ramai org ckap, ko kaji jela kes Anuar Ibrahim tu ) 
hahaha.. act, x pyah kaji.. da rmai org kaji n da kompem2 
beliau kene ftnah.. ( politic skit..hehe )

  However, quite a tough topic i got since it's a new issue.. 
but, the best part of it.. 
alhamdllah i got a nice, understanding n Sempoi supervisor,
and it's really help me a lot in conjunction of to make sure everything work smoothly..

                           Sir@Ustaz Rosli Bin Mokhtar

# still looking n gathering for further information..
so anybody that have any information or related materials pasal topik ni.  are very welcome to share with me..
I'll really appreciate it = )